Services & Products

A1 Cooling Pty Ltd aims to be at the leading edge in the design and delivery of sustainable, cost effective and energy efficient solutions.

  Comprehensive design, manufacture and installation solutions of Industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration and air conditioning systems

  Customised maintenance programmes and planned plant shutdown programs

  24/7 breakdown service to any location in Bundaberg and surrounding areas

  On site and off site overhaul of reciprocating and screw compressor programs

  Plant performance measurement and principle plant life expectancy planning

  Testing, commissioning and verification of systems

  Budget estimating for new plants and equipment

  Access and fit spare parts for industrial refrigeration compressors

  Supply refrigerant, pumps, refrigerant lubricants compliant to Australian standards

A1 Cooling Pty Ltd provide specialised services which include:

  Project design, management and consultation

  Compliance advice and certification

  Building Management Systems (BMS) installation, trouble shooting and service

  In house staff training and remote plant and equipment monitoring

  Computer aided design and drafting

  Compressor overhauls on and off site with minimal disruption to customers

  Plant shutdown teams operations

  Specialised personal to work on open drive reciprocating compressors, open drive screw compressors, industrial heat pumps, packed refrigeration systems.

  Integrated base building and tenancy fit-outs

  Hot smoke testing

Our Experience

A1 Cooling Pty Ltd was established in 2013 and is a young dynamic team of technicians who have over 50 years of experience in the field of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning. They have worked in the Bundaberg and surrounding district and have an excellent knowledge of the needs of the area. We manage the industrial refrigeration and air conditioning requirements of some of the districts leading health facilities, shopping centres and food and beverage industries.

Our highly experienced and qualified technicians, together with apprentices, provide mechanical, electrical and refrigeration skills, with the support of trained electronic technicians and specialists.

Ongoing training and development programs ensure A1 Cooling Pty Ltd technicians are up-to-date with current technologies and customer service requirement. A1 Cooling Pty Ltd management team understand the business and production requirements of how to apply the right cooling and heating requirements that comply with the standards of a broad range of industries. With food, beverage and specialised industries sectors A1 Cooling Pty Ltd aims to preserve Australia’s enviable status of producing and manufacturing quality products.

Our company philosophy is to deliver clear and concise direction on how our technicians can provide our clients with a service that is safe, environmentally responsible using reliable and quality equipment.

who have over 50 years of experience in the field of commercial refrigeration and air conditioning

Our Clients

A1 Cooling Pty Ltd has an established customer base that includes a variety of successful business in the following industries:

   Health facilities

   Food processing industry

   Cold storage and warehouse facilities

   Beverage industry

   Pharmaceutical industry

   Petrochemical industry

   Fishing and aquaculture Industry

   Meat industry

   Horticultural industry

   Large retail complexes

   Hospitality industry

   Accommodation business

   Commercial and industrial air conditioning